60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs! APK

Updated September 17, 2023
Latest Version v1.3.1
Genre Adventure
Developer Robot Gentleman
Package name com.RobotGentleman.sixtyParsecs.mobile
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It all takes place in the future. You are the captain of a space station. The station has several workers and many different items and supplies. The game 60 Parsecs! begins when you learn that in 60 seconds the station will be destroyed by missiles. In one minute, you need to evacuate to a rescue shuttle, taking with you the crew and all the items you manage to find. It is very important to take as many items and supplies as possible, you will definitely need them.

Next will be survival in the rescue shuttle. All decisions are on you. And you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the team. Send someone from the team to look for supplies. Watch the emotional state of people and be a real leader. If everything works out, you will find a new world to live in. If it doesn’t work out, you can start the game over and replay everything. Black humor is added to the adventures here and comical situations will often happen to you and the crew.

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