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Updated November 28, 2023
Latest Version v2023.7.12
Genre Action
Package name com.innersloth.spacemafia
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Among Us (Among Ace) is an action game, the main goal of which is to recognize who in your team is an impostor. You need to find out who the impostor is as quickly as possible, as he has the most sinister plans – to prevent the success of your mission and kill your friends. If you like cooperative games that can be played with friends, you just need to download Among Us on Android phone or tablet. The action of the game unfolds on a spaceship in the company of other astronauts. Among them there may be one or two traitors who cause accidents on the ship and kill members of the team. At the group council, the members collectively decide who the most likely traitor is and throw him overboard the ship into outer space.

Among Us for Android, at first glance, has a very simple but interesting gameplay. There are two roles in the Among Us game – a traitor and an ordinary astronaut. If you got the role of a traitor, you need to arrange breakdowns on the ship and kill members of the team. The better you are at fooling the crew, the longer you will stay on the ship. The astronaut’s goal is to identify the traitor before he kills the entire crew. After each kill, a council is assembled. Each player convinces the others that they are not the traitor and gives their guesses. This is followed by a vote. The one with the most votes is expelled from the ship into outer space.

The main features of Among Us for Android:

  • Multiplayer game that can be played in teams of up to 10 people;
  • Nice original character animation;
  • Unique spaceship atmosphere;
  • Random missions, for gameplay variety;
  • Ability to play as both a traitor and an astronaut.
4.44/5 (86 votes)
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v2023.3.28 Original + Mod: Unlocked

If you’re having trouble downloading additional data: Before installing the MOD, please install the original “Among Us” first, stop the download after 5 seconds of opening the game, and then install the MOD to start the game!

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