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Updated June 25, 2023
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Arena Breakout is a first-person shooter that immerses the gamer in the atmosphere of combat. You need to choose a character class: medic, stormtrooper, sniper, engineer and so on. In order for the protagonist to survive, you need to stop bleeding in time, monitor the level of hunger, thirst, endurance and other indicators.
The game Arena Breakout for Android has the following distinctive features:

An impressive arsenal. There are M4A1, FAL, MDR, H416, AK-47, AX50, MPX, P90, AR30 and other guns. Additional modules such as Stock, Sight, Crosshair, Muzzle, Tactical Part and others can be installed on each rifle.
Several maps available for battles. Farm, Valley, Northridge and other locations are present.
A large amount of equipment. There are armor, helmets, gloves, boots and other items of ammunition.
The presence of first aid kits that restore the health level of the character.
The presence of lootboxes, where you can catch new weapons, equipment or additional modules.
Advantages of Arena Breakout game:

multiplayer mode;
detailed elaboration of the environment;
sound effects that create an atmosphere of presence at the front.

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