Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night APK

Updated August 23, 2022
Latest Version v1.0.2
Genre Action
Developer KONAMI
Package name jp.konami.epjCastlevania2
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An incredible adventure through the dark lands that will send you far away to the castle of Count Dracula, whether you can defeat the legendary vampire.


This game is a true classic of platformers. Maximum simple control that is sharpened for the skills of players. The game itself will take you to the world of vampires and their hunters. You have the role to play for the legendary Alucard, a vampire hunter who is a vampire himself.

He pursues Count Dracula himself, and considers it his sacred duty to kill him. Of course, the path is not easy, and before you can fight with the Count himself, you have to destroy all his retinue, and in general, to get to his castle. Wander through swamps, forests and villages in search of ghouls, destroying all who stand in your way.

Game Features

Simple pixel graphics, incredible vampire story and simple gameplay. This game can even be played with a controller. You will be able to move, as well as several special abilities and attack. Here everything depends on your ability to hit, and dodge the attacks of opponents. A lot of fun levels and even the castle of the Count.
Will you be able to survive each monster that you meet on the way, whether you will not succumb to anger, and whether you can hold the evil that lurks in you.

3.44/5 (18 votes)
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