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Updated July 3, 2023
Latest Version v3.3.6
Genre Action
Developer Playdigious
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Dead Cells is an action game in which the player has to jump, crouch, tumble and perform other actions to get out of the maze to pass the level. The gameplay provides 15 episodes varying in locations such as a sunken ship, a broken shrine, an abandoned arboretum and others.

Dead Cells game has three unique modes:

Story campaign. The user will have to pass quests, including eliminating the hand of the king, picking up trophy weapons, killing the main boss and achieving other goals.
Daily Run. The main task of gameplay is to run the route for the least amount of time counted by the timer. Additionally it is required to collect diamond, amethyst and emerald talismans.
Boss Trial. In the labyrinths, the gamer is waiting for battles with the Concierge, Conjunctivius, Collector and other leaders corresponding to certain locations.
For virtual currency, skills such as regeneration, freezing, climbing on vertical surfaces and others are pumped. Improving abilities is necessary to defeat strong opponents.

The latest version of Dead Cells has the following advantages:

A variety of enemies, including the walking dead, ghosts, demons and other opponents;
several weapons, such as tridents, axes, axes, crossbows, magic runes and other equipment.

4.01/5 (81 votes)
Download Dead Cells APK
v3.3.6 Mod: Unlock DLC
v3.0.6 Mod: Everything is open
v2.7.8 Mod: Everything is open & Mod: Menu

Features of the mod Everything is open:
– license verification is disabled
– all DLC purchased and installed

Features of the Mod Menu:
– license verification is disabled
– all DLC purchased and installed

Options are available to control from the menu

– immortality mode
– great damage
– unlimited amount of money
– unlimited number of cells

Download APK v2.7.8
1.3 Gb
Download Mod: Menu APK v2.7.8
v2.4.14 Full version (+DLCs)
All versions
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