Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada APK

Updated September 3, 2023
Latest Version v1.8.0
Genre Other

You will have to travel along the road of Death in Canada, where you will meet a huge number of evil zombies and other evil things. In addition, you will meet other survivors, who after some apocalypse are hiding in secluded places in groups.

In this game you will find classic battles with constantly attacking hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. You can also play it with your friends using the bluetooth function on your mobile device.Invite your friends to the game and achieve joint success in the fight against the army of bloodthirsty zombies.

By the way, during the game you will find symbols left behind when other users are killed. You will be able to find out how they were killed – purposefully or accidentally. During the game, you will constantly have to make choices in a variety of text messages.

At the same time, the decisions you make will completely depend on the further plot of the game. Do not think that all members of your team will fearlessly play, defending the common interests. In the squad can be a traitor, so always be on guard.

Guns and enemies
In the game provides a huge number of different weapons. You can choose powerful flamethrowers, and you can smash enemies with a hockey stick, or you like to manage with boomerang? Everything depends only on you, so grab your weapons and start fighting.

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v1.7.2 Full version

Major Update: LIVER! This update adds a big batch of new special characters, including FINALLY having a reference to your favorite anime. It also includes new weapons, a new perk and trait, new customization options, and more!

Also includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

Download APK v1.7.2
84.16 MB
v1.6.3 Full version

What’s new:

Giant new Death Road to Canada update! The KIDNEY Update has new content and major features, including co-op improvements, a Perk and Trait rebalance, and more!
Download APK v1.6.3
82.29 MB
v1.5.0 Mod: Unlimited Zombo Points/Ammo

What’s new:

Big update with more events, weapons, fixes, tweaks, and more!
Includes a realistic dog poo system and highly requested weapon unlocking feature for teammates!

Download APK v1.5.0
78.90 MB
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