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Updated August 28, 2023
Latest Version v1.19.10
Genre Role Playing
Developer Klei Entertainment Inc.
MOD Info Mod: Unlock all characters / Increase speed
Package name com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket
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The notorious game, which you’ve obviously heard about, has been released on Android. Its genre is hard to define: it’s a sandbox (collect, build, strengthen) and “roguelike” (only one life, try to last at least a couple of days). All this, along with the stunning Tim Burton-inspired visuals, managed to make Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition a favorite among a huge number of gamers.

The narrative line is simple, but interesting. You will have to play for a charismatic scientist with quirks, whose name is Wilson (though in time other not less curious characters will be revealed). Everything begins with the fact that the protagonist finds himself in an unknown world, where he has nothing to do but try to survive among bizarre creatures and unusual flora.

The gameplay consists of constant survival. To survive longer, you need to collect resources, craft all sorts of devices (sometimes very strange) and fight with monsters. It would seem that there is nothing unusual for the symbiosis of sandbox and “roguelike”, but the atmosphere of the game, its graphics and sound do their job – the gameplay simply does not let you go.

The new world is full of dangers. The hero can die from hunger or poisonous animals, be poisoned by spoiled food (which can be stored in a makeshift refrigerator), go crazy or die in the darkness, swarming with invisible monsters. There are plenty of such surprises in Don’t Starve. To understand everything – you will have to experience the new universe by trial and error, otherwise there is no other way (of course, you can find guides from other players, but it’s not so interesting).

Despite the fact that the character has only one life, with his death nothing is completed in a global sense. The death of a character converts the experience he gained into all sorts of bonuses. This way you will unlock new characters, each of which will have some unique properties.

As you might have guessed, the essence of the game is constant crafting and survival. As such, there is no end to the storyline, although the developers periodically hint at some kind of backstory of everything that happened. Each game day is not a copy of the previous one – in Don’t Starve there is a change of seasons, which unfolds for quite a long time. The culmination of each such cycle is winter. It’s much harder to play in winter, because there’s much less food to eat and the ambient temperature is much colder.

What’s the conclusion? Don’t Starve is gorgeous in every sense. It has its flaws, but it doesn’t spoil the first impression at all.

4.08/5 (65 votes)
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