FPse for Android

FPse for Android APK

Updated August 30, 2023
Latest Version v11.230 build 929
Genre Other
Developer Schtruck & LDchen
Package name com.emulator.fpse
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FPse for Android – here before you is a game emulator that will allow you to run games designed for Sony PlayStation. So you can, perfectly calmly run your old favorite games, with the help of such an application. And the interface is simple, and intuitive, so you can understand its use, without any special problems.

To manage the gameplay, you will have two virtual joysticks, with which you can easily manage all the actions.

Immediately need to warn you that at the first start, the program will ask you to specify the Bios file. Which you will have to download separately to your phone. After that you will already download images and play your favorite games in peace.

The program is pleased with the high speed of work, when playing through it, you will not have glitches and slowdowns. Excellent sound quality, you can fully enjoy the sounds of the original game. Also works great save system, the game you played, you can run with the application and later.

In addition, the application is not demanding to your operating system and iron. But you should be warned that this applies only to the simple launch of the program itself. When running heavy games, on weak devices, there may be some problems. So be prepared for such a thing.

4.22/5 (58 votes)
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v11.226 Patched

– Fixed OGLES 2.0 crashes & improved emulation
– Added 2 levels for framebuffer object option for OGLES 2.0 HD
Enable FBO level 1&2, first run boot logo or IE Tekken3
second run Castlevania SOTN working very well
– Added preset OpenGLES 2.0 HD settings for Parasite Eve II,Tekken3 and Castlevania SOTN
– Fixed Load Icon and Search Icon
– Fixed menu button mapping when no game loaded
– Upgraded to Android 12 SDK with new Storage access rights
– Other fixes

Download APK v11.226
8.1 MB
v11.225 Full version
– Fixed critical audio scratches on audio XA streaming and cut scenes for Brazilian translated games and more games
– Changed force resolution to device native resolution to prevent any issue on recent devices
– Re-added Google drive support to backup and restore settings and saves
Download APK v11.225
8.98 MB
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