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Updated August 14, 2023
Latest Version v101.1
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GAME GUARDIAN is one of the most advanced programs designed to modify games running on the Android operating system. For the successful functioning of this application you need to get root access rights. There is no point in describing in more detail how to get root rights, as this information is quite a lot on the Internet. The main feature of this game is to get game currency for free. The program works with most modern games.

The installation process of the application GAME GUARDIAN is very simple. Every person who plays games on a mobile device, both smartphone and tablet can understand this issue. It is worth noting that the running apk-file must be installed directly into the memory of the mobile device. In the event that the program is installed on the memory card, then it will not work. When launching the application for the first time, you need to provide root access for it.

Working with the application is very easy. Having launched GAME GUARDIAN, you need to press the search button and enter the value of the game parameter you are interested in. After selecting the desired parameter, you should minimize the program and launch the game. During the gameplay you should spend the selected parameter, which will be further increased with the help of the program. Then GAME GUARDIAN is started again and the user enters the required value. After the desired value of the game parameter has been set, you should press the button to confirm the action. After returning to the game, you can check that the amount of game resources has been increased to the value you specified in the GAME GUARDIAN application.

If during the activation of this application, the screen begins to flicker then, most likely, the program was installed on the SD card. In many Android gadgets, this installation path is a priority and is selected automatically. In order to solve the problem, you need to transfer the program from the memory card to the memory of the mobile device.

The developers of the program are regularly working to expand the list of games with which “friends” GAME GUARDIAN, as well as to eliminate “bugs”. That’s why, if you noticed certain defects while using this program, they will most likely be eliminated in the near future.

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