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Latest Version v1.7
Genre Games
Developer Fishstix
Package name com.fishstix.gameboard
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GamePad is a joystick emulator of old game consoles for your phone. Recognized by Android as an external input device. Allows you to customize comfortable control in old games running on DOSBox Turbo, OnLive or Splashtop. Will be useful for passing “Undertale” on a cell phone.


The GamePad application requires pre-setup after launching. The user needs to place on the screen all the necessary controls – buttons and joysticks. The internal database of presets already has layouts of popular manipulators, but if desired, you can adjust the location of all elements.

You can display DPad with eight directions, four or six additional function buttons and keys from F1 to F12. Each element can be assigned its own action.

It is worth noting that for correct emulation of the gamepad, you need to give the program all the required permissions at the first launch and set GamePad as the default keyboard in the smartphone settings. Only after these preparatory measures the smartphone will start to perceive the application as an external device.


Among the advantages of the application, the following positive features can be emphasized:

high-quality emulation of any game joystick;
compatibility with all popular entertainment games that support external controllers;
support for Multi-Touch technology (if you have the appropriate hardware);
smart gestures for quick customization.

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