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Updated September 3, 2023
Latest Version v1.4.2.02
Genre Simulation
Developer Zerone Games
Package name com.ZeroneGames.GreenProject
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Become the last inhabitant of the earth, try to restore its pristine appearance and resurrect the dead areas, adapting them for life.

After one experiment, you were sent far into space, and your ship traveled the vastness of space for 300 years. Of course, with the help of cryogenic freezing technology, your body remained intact, and now it was automatically sent back to earth to show everyone the achievements of mankind.

Who knew that when you return to earth, you will find that humanity has long been destroyed, and you simply forgot about you. How to survive, and what to do, because the cities are empty, you have almost no food and water, and do not want to die. And in addition to everything everywhere green slime that now and then destroys the environment.

Game Features
Funny and very unusual sandbox in which you will survive on earth after mankind. Because of a dangerous fungus people were destroyed, as well as animals and plants. You as one of the survivors do not want to die, and you will have to rebuild the earth from scratch.

Fight the slime by restoring nature, don’t forget to eat, drink and sleep, otherwise your hero will start to feel bad. Create items, explore the open world and most importantly do not die.

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