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GTA 4 Mobile APK

Updated April 28, 2023
Latest Version v1.0 b1 by Freaky Studios
Genre Action

With the release of GTA 3 developer literally made fans believe that the next parts with the next sequential number should be revolutionary. Also happened with GTA 4. Its release was waited for a long time not only by fans of the series, but also by ordinary gamers. However, after the release, many (at least on the expanses of our once vast homeland), with horror realized that their computers are not powerful enough for the novelty. Therefore, fans went to San Andreas to pass it for the N-th time or create new modifications. Some returned to Vice City and earlier versions. Over time, people found ways to optimize the game and other workarounds. So the “four” became popular, mass. So began the fourth generation of the Grand Theft Auto series….

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v1.0 b1 by Freaky Studios Unofficial Beta

Here’s what’s available in the beta version of Grand Theft Auto IV Mobile:

– Walking, running, sprinting;
– Comet Machine;
– Weapon;
– Ragdoll Physics;
– Minimap reduction when driving fast;
– Basic damage to machines;
– Cloud Movement;
– Auto repair.

Download APK v1.0 b1 by Freaky Studios
249.99 MB
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