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Updated August 30, 2023
Latest Version v23.1.1
Genre Other
Developer Flying Development Studio LLC
Package name com.fds.infiniteflight
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Even in game applications all twisted on the active movement, chases, and fights. Want to have a good rest, but at the same time get a whole storm of emotions, as well as experience a great feeling of real flight? It is not about ordinary bird soaring. Project Infinite Flight Simulator (Infinity Flight Simulator) will give you the opportunity to experience the most magical moments of flight in open space, and all this will be absolutely safe. Developed by ordinary enthusiasts and professionals of flight practice, the game is by far the most detailed flight simulator. Almost three dozens of airplanes worked out to the smallest detail, will take you to absolutely any part of the planet. The game has real airports, which were created in the likeness of their prototypes. In the game to everyone’s surprise was involved in the incredible detail of the process of controlling the aircraft. If it seems to you that in the game you only need to press the gas pedal, as in all other simulators, and rush into the distant sky, you are mistaken.

Start the gameplay with the feeling that the player will be methodically taught to fly a real passenger airplane. You are not immune to small mistakes, and the programmers have also taken this fact into account. If you crash to the ground after mismanagement, you will be given the option to return for 10 seconds before the crash, saving you from the time-consuming process of taking off. You’ll also need the automatic piloting feature of the plane, which will align your vehicle to all coordinates as soon as you turn it on. To thoroughly understand and understand in every nuance of management and experience all the advantages of gameplay, for a person who does not understand the aviation business, you will take a lot of time, but it is worth the effort. Bright screensavers that will appear in front of you, are made very well, and with the right approach all this will make you feel in the skin of a professional pilot. The same difficult test for stability will be flights in the dark and moreover, in not the most favorable weather conditions. Infinite Flight Simulator – this is the best, and worked out in all categories simulator to manage a huge airliner, which will tell you about all the nuances and difficulties of this work. Not everyone is given the opportunity to be in the skin of a pilot and manage a large flying passenger airliner, but with this amazing project you can get even closer to this stupefying feeling of flight.

Infinite Flight Simulator game features:

More than a dozen regions covering a distance of thousands of kilometers;
The largest airports with detailed development of the runway and nearby buildings;
Thirty-five models of airliners such as: Boeing, Cirrus, Airbus and so on;
Planning of possible flights;
Ability to turn on the automatic piloting mode of the airplane;
Regularly changing weather conditions and time;
Adjustment of airliner alignment parameters and its takeoff weight.

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