UpdatedAugust 3, 2023
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It is not uncommon for indie projects to gain worldwide fame. Without having huge financial and technological resources, developers take gamers gameplay atmosphere. Limbo for android is a tale of a brave boy who went in search of his missing sister. This project was honored with many different awards and even nominated for the title of “Game of the Year”

The story begins in a dense forest. Black and white graphic design conveys the feelings of the main character. On each level he is almost at the goal, but at the last moment the girl sells out of sight. The confusing plot has generated a lot of controversy about who the protagonist of the story really is.

Limbo on android is a platformer that retains all the canonical elements of the genre. Gamlay is built on the interaction with the surrounding world. Basically you will have to solve puzzles. Their essence lies in the correct use of objects. Interfere with a quiet life arranged traps and obstacles. One careless movement and a brave brother will die without finding his sister. In all locations hidden bonuses. They are presented in the form of eggs.

With the childish appearance of the game, the death of the character is accompanied by blood splashes and torn off limbs, but this does not prevent you from enjoying the game.

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