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Minecraft Earth APK

Updated August 30, 2023
Latest Version v0.33.0
Genre Adventure
Developer Mojang
Package name com.mojang.minecraftearth
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Minecraft Earth is a sandbox about survival in a self-generated location. Thanks to the support of augmented reality technology gamer in the real world can build houses, breed animals, collect resources and more. It is required to give this sandbox access to the camera of the mobile device.
The game Minecraft Earth has a desktop mode, where the user creates a small copy of the structure: a house, castle or other. The resulting object is then transferred to the real world and takes life-size. Unique mobs are offered, which populate the created buildings: spotted cat, black dog, fish, duck and others.

You can explore the familiar streets of your own city to extract cubes of earth, sand, greenery and other with a pickaxe. Enemy mobs must be destroyed by sword. In the city is required to find chests with animals, rare potions or items, such as epic crystals, other. If the user loses in a battle with a skeleton, creeper or other enemy, then the obtained resources and created buildings are lost.

Advantages of the latest version of Minecraft Earth for Android:

The presence of multiplayer, in which the gamer will be able to find friends and engage in the transformation of the real world together.
Automatic transformation of the image fixed by the camera on the phone or tablet into a cubic location.
Pixelated 3D graphics.

4.32/5 (74 votes)
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v0.31.0 Original

What’s new:

New Stuff:
– Season 15: Winter Wonderland – coming soon

New Mobs and Variants:
– Pinto Cow

Bug Fixes:
– Various bug fixes

Download APK v0.31.0
63.25 MB
v0.29.0 Original

What’s new:

New Stuff:
– Season 13: Grassy Plains – coming soon

New Mobs and Variants:
– Moolip
– Slime
– Half-a-slime
– Quarterslime

Bug Fixes!
– Various bug fixes

Download APK v0.29.0
63.23 MB
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