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Updated August 30, 2023
Latest Version v2.53.1
Genre Puzzle
Developer Playdigious
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Mini Metro is a simulation of designing and building a subway, in which the project manager must take into account distances, the growth rate of the metropolis, the wishes of residents and other aspects to create a universal scheme. The game allows you to design the intersection of lines and stations from scratch or take existing maps of the world’s largest cities as a basis.

Game Features
Distinctive features of Mini Metro:

City selection. In the latest version, 20 megacities are available, including Istanbul, Shanghai, Chicago, Berlin and others.
Diverse modes. Having downloaded the simulator, the gamer gets access to the passage of time, to infinite development and to hardcore tests with a limit on resources.
Completion of tasks. After selecting the mode and city, the game generates a list of mandatory quests in Russian.
Line control. The Android screen displays a complete scheme with color marks, directions, stations, transitions. By taps and swipes you can edit the plan, adding, moving or removing objects.
Station placement. Increased control points and stops will relieve traffic and variability of the subway in large cities.
Allocation of money. The initial branch with trains is created for free, and then the designer will have to choose a direction to spend resources every week.
Blind and night modes. Mini Metro can be displayed on the Android screen with a dark interface theme, as well as voice over captions, tasks, alerts through the phone speaker.
Dynamic soundtrack. The soundtrack is formed from the noises of trains, passengers, echoes at stations.
Gameplay in the simulator does not end, as cities expand randomly in different directions, forcing the planner to add branches, transitions, cars. The Mini Metro game for Android throws up daily tasks, the results of which are counted in the rating table. It is possible to compete with other users over the Internet.

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