Feral Interactive on controller support in Company of Heroes Mobile

Company of Heroes was released on smartphones long before publisher Feral Interactive announced the Nintendo Switch version. That’s why TouchArcade’s author contacted the developers to find out – will they add controller support to the mobile version too?

As a result, they were told that in order to add a controller to the mobile version of Company of Heroes, Feral Interactive will have to change the interface a lot. The thing is that it was specially made for touch screens or mouse and keyboard. And the controls for Switch were created from scratch

Despite the optimization of Company of Heroes Mobile controls for touch screens, some players in Google Play comments complain that this version still doesn’t offer a full and classic RTS experience. This is despite the fact that they have gone through all the tutorials.

Gamers also point out that for more immersion and convenience, you need to have a large smartphone or even a tablet. There are also those who didn’t like the touch control at all.

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