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Updated May 1, 2023
Latest Version dahlia-740-623f7dd33-v3_openjdk
Genre Tools
Developer artdeell
Package name net.kdt.pojavlaunch
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PojavLauncher is a cool software launcher, with the help of which users will be able to run on their android computer version of Minecraft – “Jawa” version. In this version of the popular pixel toy has certain positive differences and therefore many fans want to play it on their devices. This program provides such an opportunity and, in addition, offers to configure different starting parameters of the village and the world, set the conditions of victory and defeat, calibrate the range of items, resources, equipment, as well as the characteristics of enemies and neutral units. Users get at their disposal a great application to control the settings of “Jawa” Minecraft, will be able to play and experiment, enjoy the process, change all sorts of calibrations and conditions.
Install PojavLauncher on your device and try to master all the necessary options, view tabs with useful settings. Launch the main menu and create your first game world of the new version of your favorite toy, appear at the spawn points and explore the newly generated space. Do not forget to use the mod on the full version of the launcher to get rid of limits and get the opportunity to change absolutely all settings and parameters, edit the map, objects and treasures, create amazing objects, buildings and entire cities. Get to know the assortment of new textures and cool items, weapons, inscriptions, schemes for crafting. Experiment and create, enjoy the inimitable game style and a whole range of new features of this version. Update the application regularly and get at your disposal even more useful for control and modification features!

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