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Updated April 16, 2023
Latest Version v1.1
Genre Action

A particularly violent game will allow you to try on the role of a rage-obsessed man who knows no mercy. Using all possible weapons – from pistols and assault rifles to grenades and flamethrowers – you will kill crowds of innocent people.

Plot and action in the game
The main character is an unremarkable guy and a sociophobe. He hates improperly parked cars, noisy groups, smoking people, screaming soccer fans and necessarily his neighbors.

By his own beliefs, he’s put up with all this obscurantism for a long time, and he should do something about it already. Raincoat. A machine gun. Outdoors. The main character does what he has been dreaming about for so long – cleansing the world of “wrong” people.

The game will be to the taste of users who share the principles of the main character, but will definitely not like people with a healthy psyche and high moral qualities.

Graphics and controls
The visual component in the game is not the most detailed, but definitely atmospheric. The shooter is called isometric due to the camera, which moves in such a way that the protagonist was in the center of attention, but the user could cover the vision of the nearest objects.

For control there is a virtual joystick on the bottom left of the screen, and a joystick responsible for shooting on the right.

A couple of active keys on the right, as well as the lower active inventory bar – these are all the controls needed for gameplay.

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