Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy

Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy APK

Updated August 10, 2023
Latest Version v1.15p10
Genre Strategy
Developer Corroding games
Package name com.corrodinggames.rts
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“Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy” is a game in which the gamer has to develop a battle strategy and fight the enemies with the help of his troops. It is possible to build an impressive army from a large variety of fighters, including ground soldiers, water troops and air support. The main task of the gamer is to win the battle, taking into account all the subtleties of the location.

The game “Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy” is characterized by such features:

A small amount of resources does not confuse the player and allows you to concentrate more on the battles themselves.
Sending troops into battle, you need to calculate your actions. It all depends on the map on which the battle takes place. If there are significant landscape obstacles ahead (mountains, forests, water bodies), it is more appropriate to go around. Sometimes a frontal attack will be more productive.
There are two test modes available – wars with artificial intelligence in a single-player campaign or online battles with a connected Internet connection on Android.
In real-time strategy to create his powerful army, the gamer needs to collect resources and build bases.
Commands to the troops can be given on the mini-map.
Survival mode is available.
Cross-platform allows you to play on different devices, including tablets.
With the help of zooming it is possible to enlarge or reduce the map.
Having downloaded the latest version of the game, gamers can play with friends over Wi-Fi or full-fledged bots.

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