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Updated October 4, 2023
Latest Version v1.8.5
Genre Adventure
Package name com.shoujocity.sc3d
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Shoujo City 3D is a life simulator reminiscent of the visual novel genre, in which you will have to go on a date with a girl or a guy. Free exploration of the game world outside the scenario is available. The plot is based on two modern Japanese cultures – anime and otaku. Events develop in a fictional Tokyo.
In Shoujo City 3D gamer can generate a character according to his own preferences and choose his own style of dating, for example, a variant of the classics used by visual novels, visiting attractions or other. Available to buy dresses, T-shirts, shorts, caps, hats, other items of clothing, accessories in stores and vending machines for virtual or real currency.

If the partner with whom you went on a date, hungry, the player will have to deal with the preparation of food. There is a recipe book that facilitates the process of making a dish by having a list of ingredients and a description of how to make sushi, Japanese noodles, etc. On the locations there are stores that sell appetizers, desserts, drinks and other things.

In this simulator there are mini-games with prizes: figurines daruma, maneki-neko and others. It is to shoot from a water gun, color pictures or perform other actions.

Shoujo City 3D game has the following advantages:

  • A variety of locations, including a tennis court, water park, city streets and other places.
  • Each potential dating partner has their own set of desires.
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v1.6 Mod: A lot of gold coins
v1.4 Mod: A lot of gold coins

– New UFO catcher machine with toys.

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v1.1 Mod: A lot of gold coins
v1.0.7 Mod: A lot of gold coins
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