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Updated August 27, 2023
Latest Version v1.1.108
Genre Simulation
Developer JundrooLLC
Package name com.jundroo.SimpleRockets2
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SimpleRockets 2 – learn everything about space transportation. Strange as it may seem, but in the atmosphere of Venus a rocket flies quite differently than over the surface of the mysterious Mercury. The trajectory of its movement is affected by the density of the medium and the value of gravity. Take into account all these factors to understand the principles of spaceship construction.
To begin with, you have to understand the basics of space physics. Only with full mastery of this area of knowledge can you create a really high-quality space transportation. However, SimpleRockets 2 is not limited to rocket building. The gamer has every chance to master the construction of planetary vehicles and other equipment of the future. To explore a new planet successfully, every detail must be selected very carefully. Otherwise, the rocket will surely fall apart.

As soon as the last module will be installed on the new device, the work of the spacecraft should be carefully checked. The result of any error will be a large-scale space disaster. If you correctly assess all the characteristics of the newly created spacecraft, then the technique will fly to any corner of space. Such results can safely brag to less experienced friends.
SimpleRockets 2 on any of the mobile devices will work as stable as possible. It’s a bit unfortunate that the developers did not care about the presence of the Russian language in the game. However, even a novice gamer will be able to understand the available functions and a variety of settings. No difficulties will not give users and the process of management. With the construction of a new space transportation is guaranteed to cope and beginner.

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