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Updated August 14, 2023
Latest Version v1.6.2
Genre Action
Developer SkySoft Studio
Package name com.stickman.warriors.stickwarriors.dragon.shadow.fight
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Stickman Warriors – not badly realized fighting game for Android, where the player needs to defeat various opponents, moving his puppet by tapping on the screen. There is an opportunity to perform acrobatic tricks and use improvised objects, which together with an unusual physics model creates one of the most original fights on mobile devices.
Advantages of the game
The main task of the player is to move around the level and destroy all enemies that will meet on the way. To achieve the result, you are allowed to use any means at hand, but the main means of attack remain body parts: hands and feet, which allows you to get less damage in response, and earn much more experience, compared to attacks with other parts. The most vulnerable part of the hero’s body is the head, which can also serve as a weapon, but after a few strong blows the character’s health will be seriously “damaged”. We can also note some well-realized moments of the game:

The use of ragdoll-physics, which creates a lot of comical moments.
Several modes are available at once.
Perfectly selected soundtracks, fully reflecting the spirit of the game.
The ability to perform a variety of acrobatic stunts is realized largely due to physics.
The amount of health is directly displayed on the damaged limbs.
In case of especially strong blows the slow-motion mode is enabled.
The mechanics of the game is built in such a way that it is very easy for a participant to get a powerful blow in the most vulnerable places, because of which it is necessary to control not only the attack, but also the defense. This ties the gameplay to the quickness of reaction to what is happening around. Opponents are also capable of using cold weapons, causing enormous damage. Thus, the developers added hardcore, as the player simply has no right to make a mistake.

In total, Stickman Warriors has two available modes:

Company. Here the player needs to gradually clear the levels of enemies, and the further away – the more difficult. In the final stage the player will face a huge number of bosses with impressive survivability, each of which is capable of inflicting huge damage. Bouts with them are a real challenge to the gamer’s motor skills.
Survival. In this variant, the player will be constantly piled on by opponents. It is here that beginners can get the initial skills of combat, as well as composing combinations of blows.
Initially, only one enemy will fight against the player, but gradually their number will grow, challenging the skills of the gamer. In the future, the gamer can move on to multiplayer battles, as the application supports the game over the web.

One can also fully customize the flexibility of his character. The more flexible he is, the more complex tricks he can perform, but the control in this case will be much more difficult, which forces you to look for a “golden mean”. Stickman Warriors is one of the most original representatives of fighting games on Android, largely due to the difficult controls and overall complexity, which encourages many people to spend several hours in the game at once.

4.25/5 (186 votes)
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v1.6.2 Mod: Unlimited Money

Gems increase when spent!

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