Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord

Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord APK

Updated January 27, 2023
Latest Version v1.0.0.3413
Genre Strategy
Package name com.longyoug.hmby
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v1.0.0.2402 Original + cache
v0.9.4.3530 Full version

What’s new:

1.Added dynamic reminder when NPC visits and events.
2.New display ways in Officers and Items lists.
3.Fixed Korean show mistake.
4.Fixed the BUG that Han Emperor rewarding official position is invalid.
5.Fixed the crash due to Lu Xun’s special skill in battles.
6.Fixed the BUG that the army units get into non-moved area due to warfare in battle.
7.Fixed some invalid AI.
8.Fixed other known bugs and interface problems.

Download APK v0.9.4.3530
16.24 MB
Download OBB/Cache v0.9.4.3530
1.39 GB
v0.9.4.2386 Full

What’s new:

* Important:If you cannot run v0.9.4.2386, try to update to this version.
1. Updated background music overall. Added varied BGM as the both sides force differs in battle.
2. Added Trustee func that will run game automatically. Could re-select force and continue game when exit.
2.1. Entrance: In main city interface, Menu — Trustee
2.2. Exit: In whole map interface, Setting — Exit Trustee
3. Banished officers will be harder to employ

Download APK v0.9.4.2386
16.24 MB
Download OBB/Cache v0.9.4.2386
1.39 GB
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